An R&D site and a production site in Languedoc-Roussillon





An R&D site in Montpellier (34) - nearly 1,100 people


After having largely contributed globally to the discovery and development of Sanofi drugs, the Montpellier R&D site, established in 1972, is transforming to accommodate leading research activities aimed at meeting unmet health needs in the area of ageing in order to extend the period of "ageing well" and to preserve independence and self-reliance.

It also hosts an exploratory research unit that capitalizes on new concepts, technologies and targets in strong interaction with the outside world. Its activities are divided into four platforms whose mission is to provide advanced services and solutions adapted to other units and divisions:


  • 1 platform for distribution of clinical samples in Europe
  • 1 platform integrating bioinformatics, chemistry, analysis and galenic pharmacology
  • 1 platform combining safety studies (in vivo and in vitro) and ADME studies (absorption/distribution/metabolism/excretion);
  • 1 platform conducting Phase I studies, those for biostatistics and clinical documentation.



A production site in Aramon (30) - nearly 800 employees


The Aramon site, founded in 1962, manufactures about thirty active pharmaceutical agents using three production technologies: plant extraction, organic synthesis and biotechnology.

The site also houses the Group's centre of expertise in industrial hygiene, process and environmental safety as well as laboratories for process development and development in analytical sciences.

Highly committed to sustainable development with more than € 130 million invested in its production facilities, the Aramon site has an energy processing and recovery unit and a water treatment facility that limit its environmental impact.