Financial engineering

As part of their business location or development project, Invest Sud de France supports companies free of charge in optimising the level of support that can be mobilised within the scope of European regulations and directly organises financing round tables on behalf of the companies with local authorities and, depending on the case, the CGET.



The Invest Sud de France Project Managers provide companies with the information on possible funding depending on the nature of the investment project and the company's needs: repayable loans, grants, subsidised loans, possible tax exemptions by researching schemes that can be mobilised at all local, regional, national and European levels.



Moreover, beyond the information on investment assistance, the Project Managers can put companies and investors in touch with semi-public and private organisations: specialised banks, venture capital companies, OSEO, BPI, public investment and private sector funds, business angels or directly with industries or regional companies through their in-depth knowledge of the area.



For specific cases, Invest Sud de France can mobilise its network of experts (business lawyers, accountants, legal consultants etc.) and pass on previously negotiated conditions rates to the companies.



The Regional Directorate BPI France is partner of the Invest Package.
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Each project is unique, and the aid and financing instruments are unique and varied: information is collected and forwarded to the company within a period which can vary from between 48 hours to 15 days depending on the company's needs and investment project.



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