Legal and accountancy advice

The location of a business is often accompanied by legal, administrative and tax procedures. Invest Sud de France offers services for these procedures based on both internal resources and through agreements with specialised partners, according to previously negotiated terms (preferential rates, confidentiality, responsiveness, language proficiency and reporting):


  • Business solicitors/legal assistance: BIA Avocats, Ernst & Young Société d'Avocats, FIDAL, SIMON & Associés

BIA (Becque Ickowicz Avocats)               Ernst & Young Société d'Avocats 



  • Accounting and tax expertise: Cazes-Goddyn, Ernst & Young et Associés, KPMG


    Ernst & Young          KPMG




Accounting, legal and tax expertise 


Support in funding the location project, appropriation of French labour law, assistance in formalising a contract of employment, providing insight into different types of employment contracts, help in registering the company, management consultancy, choice of legal status, choice of the tax scheme and optimisation of tax management.



Patent protection support


Validity of the company's patents, French regulations on industrial property, consortium agreement etc.



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