Recruitment assistance and career mobility

The ability to recruit and matching of human resources with business needs are critical success factors. Recognising these challenges, Invest Sud de France has signed an economic development support agreement with the job centre to support the establishment of businesses in Languedoc-Roussillon.


Pole emploi


As such, Invest Sud de France has a unique interface with the job centre and can use this to share with companies its expertise in recruitment, staff qualification and training, technical information on human resources on a regional level and on national schemes to aid recruitment and training.


As part of this agreement, the job centre offers services including:


  • For projects under negotiation: identifying business needs, analysis of available resources, the identification of human and financial resources that can be mobilised.
  • For finalised projects (decisions taken/known set up schedule): identification of jobs and vacancies, estimated recruitment planning and analysing needs and skills.


Other services, human resources and technical and financial resources are offered and implemented by the job centre for finalised projects (contact Invest Sud de France for any further information).


Invest Sud de France collects information for the company that it needs to assess the feasibility and competitiveness of an investment in Languedoc-Roussillon and sends this information by e-mail to the company within a period of between 48 hours and 15 days, depending on the complexity of the request.


In addition, Invest Sud de France is able to mobilise its network of specialised partners in career mobility to facilitate the reception and integration of employees from companies just setting themselves up in the region.


Agreements have been established with these partners based upon previously negotiated terms (preferential rates, confidentiality, responsiveness, language proficiency and reporting): AMAPLACE (concierge), Privilège Sud, Action Logement, RWS.

        Amaplace   Privilege Sud

         Action logement  RWS


This assistance in job mobility includes:

  • Customised housing search services.
  • Assistance with move-in administrative procedures: housing, school enrolment, integration into the region, obtaining a driving license.
  • Support in the efforts to find employment for the working spouse.
  • Help in integrating into and discovering of French culture.



To receive more information about our recruitment and job mobility services, contact Invest Sud de France: